Day 328: An Early Dinner

Photo of the Day

Today we went to Indianapolis to have an early dinner at Cooper’s Hawk. I had only been to the restaurant once before, and I really liked it. So it was fitting that we went there today. Last time we were there I saw so many photo opportunities. I was in a big group, and didn’t feel like maneuvering through a crowded restaurant to get my shot. Today we nearly had the place to ourselves so getting the camera out was not a bit issue. Oh yeah besides the scenery they have food and wine here too. I had a white wine flight so that I could sample some of their wines that I had not yet tried. If you are into wine this is a nice little restaurant that also doubles as a wine tasting. Click on the link above for a location near you.

Technical Data

This should just turn into the section where I tell you that I ran three files through Photomatix that were two stops apart. From there I saved that 32 bit file, and opened it up in Lightroom to make my adjustments. I think that the sliders in Lightroom are much more powerful, and they give the photo a much more realistic look. Another technical point is how this picture was shot. I used my appetizer plate as a tripod to lift my lens up enough to get the angle that I was looking for. I took one shot without looking through the viewfinder before moving the camera over just a little. The resulting shot is the one that you see above.

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