Day 327: One Giant Void

Photo of the Day

I have taken a few photos of the statue of Neil Armstrong that sits outside of the building named for him over the last few years. Something just draws me there. Maybe it is my love of space, or maybe it is the fact that it is a very cool looking building. I was first introduced to Neil Armstrong by my father. The lunar landing was actually on his 25th birthday. He had some records that played highlights from the mission along with maps that showed you how the day progressed. Since then I have always linked the two events. July 20th is not only the day we landed on the moon, but it is my father’s birthday. He was a humble American that really seemed to have a level head when we all know that he could be a little cocky. He walked on the moon after all. How many of us can say that? He preferred to stay out of the limelight, and in today’s world of reality ‘stars’ that is really something to hold on to. While his crew mate Buzz Aldrin danced with the stars he enjoyed his retirement.

It was with great sadness Saturday that I learned of his passing. Neil was truly an American legend, and I enjoyed seeing the way that the Purdue community paid tribute to him. I really wanted to get this picture last night, but things were not in my favor. I knew that I wanted to do something on this blog to pay homage so today’s photo was a no brainer.

Technical Data

This is a three shot HDR image that was processed with Photomatix Pro. I then saved the 32 bit file, and as has been the case lately had it open up in Lightroom. I like the sliders there much more, and I think the pictures show that a little. This was a tough one to get right with all the colors as well as the shadows, but I feel like I got it close. When I had the image where I wanted it I applied a vignette to it to darken the edges a little. I think that it added a lot to the shot. Once I saw it that way I could not go back to a shot without it.

Bonus Photo and Story

Neil Armstrong actually plays a role in Purdue history as well. In 2007 the Boilers were not playing well against Northwestern. The game was in doubt when the third quarter ended. That is when American Hero Neil Armstrong popped his head out of the press box at Ross Ade Stadium and led the crowd in singing ‘Shout.’ The homecoming crowd was energized, and the team responded to that energy by trouncing the Wildcats 35-17. That moment is one of my favorite in my short Purdue football history. I have seen some great things at Ross Ade Stadium, but that one really was pretty cool. The picture above was the best that I could do from my vantage point. I love the smile, and that is how I will always remember this American icon.

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