Day 321: All Pumped Up!

Photo of the Day

As I said last weekend I rented a 70-200mm 2.8 lens from Berry’s Camera Shop for the week. I really haven’t been using it though apart from a short stint at Wolf Park Saturday. I decided to give the thing a go after work today to try it out a bit. It is amazing how much crisper the images were. I was not doing anything different, and I was shooting with the same camera that I normally do. The results though look very crisp to me. The backdrop was pretty good though so maybe I could have achieved the same results with any of my other lenses. This may not be the best shot that I have taken so far, but I like what I picked up in a short time at the community gardens tonight. I really want a couple of good pictures this weekend so I will probably practice up a bit more before next Saturday. I really need to find some type of sporting event to shoot.

Technical Data

Not a lot to report here. I liked this one out of the camera. The major edit in Lightroom was straightening the shot. For some reason I over-rotated a bit as I shot it. Most of my normal tweaks would have made the colors too hot so I did not do them today.

Edit: As I was posting this I realized that the sharp nature of the photo would look great in black and white. I opened the photo back up in Lightroom to see what I could do. I ended up using one of Matt Kloskowski’s Black and White presets, and I think it worked out very well.

Other News

I have been playing around with the format of the site over the last couple of days in case you haven’t noticed. When I picked up this lens I knew that I wanted some way to show me which lenses I have shot with over time. The only one that I had a category for was the 50mm. I went back on my iPad and updated the category section quite a bit. I also updated how it is shown on this site. It used to be a cloud with just the most used categories showing, but now all of them show up. I think that it will lead to users being able to browse the site a bit easier. The one page at a time format can slow people down, so I created a way to get right to what you want easily. I also have been toying around with the third widget at the bottom. Right now it is a link to my photography Facebook page, but I don’t know for how long. Maybe I can get something good in there. I can only have three items as widgets with this theme so I have to pick three that I really want.

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