Day 254: An Old Hangout

Photo of the Day

Last night we went out for dinner and a movie. I had heard some things about a local bar that might not be open much longer so we decided to head there to have dinner. When I went to school at Purdue Jake’s was a place that I frequented often. Having a beer and a calzone after a long week seemed like a great reward. Last week I heard some rumors that it wasn’t doing well. True or not it was time to go back again. The bar seemed to be the same as it was over ten years ago, but the calzone had changed. It was now a bit bigger and more like my father makes. His is still better, but down here you have to take what you can get.

Technical Data

This is a three shot HDR processed in Photomatix. I took the -2, 0, and +2 exposures and fused them. I then took that result into Photoshop Elements to clean it up a bit. I brought in all of the exposures used for that purpose. A small crop at the bottom got rid of the unsightly garbage can that I missed on the scene. I also darkened up a tequila bottle in the upper right of the picture and the sign in the upper left. One of the things that I thought I did right was to make one of the neon signs appear on even though it wasn’t. Can you tell which one that was? In the end I don’t know how happy I am with this shot. Being in a restaurant I still feel awkward taking pictures so I tried to be low key off of the table. I should have found a spot a bit higher to get my shot. It just seems as if a couple of feet up would have made this shot a bit better. This is all about learning though, and I feel that I did pick up a couple of things in post production.

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