Tonight when I left work the sky looked very good, and I thought that tonight would be the first night in a while for a good sunset. For some reason it seemed like too many clouds moved in, and that you couldn’t even see the sun. Just before sunset though the clouds broke just enough, and I was in my car. I had banked on the sunset picture, and had no other ideas for tonight. I hurried to a familiar location to get this shot. I took a couple shots from my car, and then turned around to park so that I could get a little closer. I really wish that I had a local lake that I didn’t have to park on a busy road to shoot on. For some reason this little body of water is the only one close. I like how the shot turned out, but I would like some variety on here. I pulled up just in time to catch the sun disappearing behind the trees so I guess that I had something in my favor tonight. I really need to find my public access point for a lake though so that I can get a good reflection picture.


About Pinola Photo

I am a sports and lifestyle photographer based in West Lafayette, IN home of Purdue University. I cover sports for Big Ten teams as well as other colleges. You can follow me on twitter @pinolaphoto. You can also view my website at

6 responses »

  1. 96arley says:

    This picture works really well. I think it came out perfectly and I enjoyed your commentary! Thanks for sharing and happy shooting!

  2. excellent shot, I enjoy sunrises as well as sunset and this one is an excellent winter sunset

  3. Leanne Cole says:

    I’m with the other person, I think it turned out really well. Love the trees in the foreground and how they look like shadows on the clouds. We have deciduous trees here in Australia, but most of our trees don’t lose their leaves in winter, so it is almost impossible to ever get a shot like this.

  4. bluegill says:

    Love this one…

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