Hovde Hall Looking Good In The Snow

Every year at this time I start to get way too hot, and I think back to a day that I enjoyed in the winter. Today is that day. This year I made a deal with myself to go out and photograph campus more. I have a beautiful campus in my backyard, and I don’t do enough to photograph it. Time and weather were on my side during a couple of beautiful snow falls this winter allowing me to get out and do something that I have not done in a long time. It will be fun to have a full sets of seasons for campus as the year turns. Here I thought this great looking building on campus looked even better with snow falling all around it.

The Edit

This edit is not my normal style. I like high contrast punchy images. Every now and then I will try something different depending on the situation. With the sky being gray here I knew that I would probably pull the color from the image. The normal black and white was not doing it for me so I decided to try something a little different. I like this photo because it could pass for something much older at first glance. Sometimes confusing the person looking at your photo can be a little fun.


Another Snow Day on the Campus of Purdue University

Yesterday morning I was trying to think of something to photograph. I packed up my bags for a couple of ideas. I was going to check the river to see if I could spot any eagles, and if that didn’t work out I was trying to think of a quadcopter┬álocation to photograph. That all changed as I pulled my car out of the garage. A heavy snow started falling, and I decided to head quickly to campus. My new Think Tank quadcopter bag has a spot for my dSLR so I was already packed for the trip. As luck would have it I found a friend on campus, and made the walk with him. I love the campus of Purdue. It was beautiful when I was going to school here, and it is still just as beautiful. It was one of the reasons that moving back to the Purdue area was such an attractive idea. When it is snowing the campus just looks even better. I knew that by basically just pointing my camera in any direction I would end up with some images that I liked.

Photographing With a Friend

As luck would have it as I was just starting my photowalk today I stumbled upon another photographer doing the same thing. We made the quick trip around campus together. The snow was coming down like crazy, and it is always interesting to me how another photographer takes in a scene. My walk with Tom Crockett was awesome because I realize how many things I will just walk by. Sometimes you just pick something else as your focal point in a scene. Immediately upon walking down this path Tom spotted the trees and went for them. You can see his photo here. I had a wider view in mind, and so I made us both wait for someone to walk through. Luckily that happened fairly quickly, and you can see the result of my photo. I think we are all still learning so it is interesting for me to see what others do. I had a lot more fun on my photowalk because I had someone to bounce some ideas off of.

Photographing the Snow

When I had my first dSLR I couldn’t figure out why my snow photos didn’t look as cool as I thought that they should. By sheer chance I was in auto mode one day and the pop up flash went off. Those photos in my driveway looked so much cooler than any of the others that I took. Ten years later I am still using flash, but in a slightly different way. I put my speed light on my camera in TTL mode. The camera is smarter than me most of the time, and TTL mode lets the camera decide the power to use.

More Photos From the Walk

Below are a few of my other favorite photos from my walk around campus. I did not have much time to get around, but I tried to make the most of it. I stubbornly waited for a few scenes to develop the way that I thought they should, and it paid off a couple of times. As I said before this is a beautiful campus, and this year I have decided that I need to show that off a little more.

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