An Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny Pays Us A Visit

All last week this bunny was in our backyard in the morning hanging out. The rabbit would look around for food before finally moving on. Sometimes our dog would have a competitive game of chase with it as well. One of those mornings I was able to get a window up in the back to make a photo of it. You never know it could have been the Easter bunny just planning its route for Easter morning. I wanted a photo of it just in case.

Who Came Up With This?

I have always thought that a bunny was a crazy symbol for Easter, but it is what it is. How a bunny and eggs correlate to a man dying on a cross and coming to back to life has never made much sense to me. I guess it helps get the attention of kids, and the actual events are a little hard to explain to children. Whatever the case the season of the Easter bunny is now past. The mall can go back to normal without a six foot rabbit walking around in it.

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