The Downtown Lafayette Christmas Tree

Looking For The Right Photo

I visited this tree several times this season to try and find something that would make it different from photos in the past. This year the larger tree off to the side had no lights on it. To be honest I wish that they would light that huge tree every year. I like the look of the little tree, but you have a nice, beautiful tree just a few feet away begging to have lights on it. Before our trip to McCord’s to make candy canes I made this photo. I knew it was never going to be the one for the year, but I was just sizing things up. Of course it kind of ended up being the one.

A Little Snokeh

This year I have been begging for some snow after dark to have some fun with. We may very well get that tonight, but I think that the temperatures and roads may keep me home. In the coming year though I will get out and make some snokeh photos. I had a short period of time around noon last week where I could get out and play a little. You can see how it just doesn’t work as well during the day. If you are going to get some snow you might as well have some fun with it. If you are going out in the next couple of days be safe.

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