An Infrared Drive In The Country

Taking The Infrared Camera For A Drive In The Country

Yesterday after getting the kids to school I hopped in the car to see if I could find some owls. I had heard of a couple spotted just north of town in a spot that I had seen them before. I threw my birding from a car kit into my car along with my infrared camera. I had the idea of making some photos of whatever caught my attention. With a blue sky it was the perfect day to make some infrared photos. This was not my main goal on the day, but I did make my favorite photos with the camera that was thrown in the bag at the last minute. I need to explore this a little further. I love the way that it creates drama in the scene with very little processing on my end.

Leave The Lines In

When I was making these first couple of photos I stood in a spot that looked to be the best composition for me. The problem was the power lines finding their way into the frame. On the scene I did not care about them as I knew Photoshop would make quick work of them. When I got them into Lightroom though I realized that I liked them in the photo. In the photo directly above a plane in the sky mirrors them a little creating a little fun in the frame. I am glad that I made the decision to leave them in the photo.

Zoom In

I decided to zoom into the barn above a little to make a little more artful photo. With the infrared camera it seems like I need to compose things a little differently. On site I knew this looked kind of cool. Once I saw it on my computer I realized that I really liked it. One thing that I might do differently in the future is to photograph this vertically and let more of that inky black sky fill the frame. It had been a while since I made photos with the infrared so I was not thinking of that as much as I could have been.

More Photos From My Trip

I was not out driving for long, but I did make some photos that I really liked. With winter rapidly approaching I should be using this short trip to make several posts. I really had fun though, and I decided to post them all today to give myself some incentive to get out and keep making photos. Here are a few more photos from my drive in the country. I never did see an owl, but I did find some very cool subjects.

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