The Cumberland Blue Bridge

Hanging Out By The Potomac River In Cumberland, Maryland

A few years ago while on vacation we stopped in Cumberland, Maryland for the night. While the family ate breakfast I took a walk around the historic town making some photos. This bridge of course seemed like a perfect place to make a photo. As I look back now, time was not really on my side on this trip. I was trying to see as much as I could in a short period of time. This was a fun little town though that was the perfect place to stop.

Walking Through History

As I walked near the Potomac River that morning history was all around me. At times I was walking in the footsteps of George Washington. Fort Cumberland was the first time that George Washington was given command in the military. His cabin from his time there during the French and Indian War is the only building that still survives from the old Fort Cumberland. As President Washington came back to Cumberland during the Whiskey Rebellion and once again stayed in his old cabin. Sometimes you have to get out of your way on vacation to find a little history. Here is was just across the tracks from my hotel.

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