Beyond Angry

Sometimes People Make No Sense To Me

Today I went out to the Celery Bog at lunch to see the momma great horned owl and the owlets. I was surprised when I saw the mom was out of the nest and the owlets were just on their own. When I heard the chainsaw start up I knew why. Not too far under the tree the city of West Lafayette thought that it was a good idea to cut up some trees that had been down for a while. I don’t understand this thinking. The mom fled the nest with the noise and as of this writing hours later still has not come back. The owlets will not last very long on their own. We had something very nice at our local park, and just like that it might have been ruined by actions that were not well thought out.

The Story On The Photo

Before picking my oldest up from school today I stopped back out at the bog to check if the mother had returned. She had not and this owlet was crying out for her. I was not too mad until I saw this through my viewfinder. This is something that we don’t normally have here at the park. If you know someone at the local park department here in town let them know what you think about this. If you know me then you know that I don’t get very angry. I am beyond angry about this though. Someone who knew about the owl decided that some logs off the path were worth more to get rid of than these owls. I just can’t imagine justifying that behavior.

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