A Great Blue Heron At Prophetstown State Park

Back In The Wild

Yesterday I drove out to Prophetstown State Park to try and make a few photos. I honestly had other things in mind when I went out there, but this heron was a great find. When I made this photo above I really thought that I had hit gold. The bird was pretty close to me, and not in the worst light. Little did I know that it would get much better.

Birding On The Quick

One thing that I have talked about on this blog a lot in the past is that you need to spend some time out in the field if you want to make bird photos. A trip like the one I went on yesterday usually has a low rate of success. In fact I spent most of this trip walking down a path missing bird photos left and right. It was only my last walk down to the water that gave me this great opportunity to make some photos. Sometimes just going out even for a short time can work out too.

When The Bird Approaches You

I started off with this heron about 25 feet away from me. I made some photos of it thinking I was doing pretty good. The bird then decided to walk over towards me on the shoreline. At one point it was 8-10 feet away from me. These are always great moments when the bird comes near you, but then you start to wonder if you leaving will spook the bird. Luckily for me this bird was not interesting in me at all. It was all about looking for its meal.

Look A Dragonfly!

Hey there is a dragonfly right next to me. I should make a few photos of it. Wait…there is a heron super close that is looking for fish. Don’t get distracted!

Nature Photos Again!

There have not been many nature photos on this blog lately. I have been making some, but not at the rate that that I was at one point. When I have been making them I just haven’t been that impressed with what I came away with. Here I was able to make a few photos that I really liked in a short period of time.

My Favorite Photo Of The Day

This is my favorite photo of the day. There are a few reasons why I like it so much. The first is that the heron has its dinner. It very quickly speared this fish down by the water. I had a great angle when this happened, but as soon as it grabbed the fish the heron looked like it would eat it with its back towards me. It then walked up towards me on shore with the fish still ready to go down. Here it was in a great place with a great background. Everything kind of worked here.

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