Sunset Over Purdue

Then Sun Sets Over The Campus Of Purdue

Sometimes you get a hunch that the sunset could be amazing. On this day I had a hunch that the clouds could light up. I made my way up to campus with a couple of different types of cameras to see if I could make photos of that event. It ended up not lighting up like I thought that it might, but I really liked what I was able to see though. There is something really cool about watching the sunset from a quadcopter.

Finally Getting The Quadcopter Out

It had been a long time since I had my DJI Mavic out. On this night it seemed like the perfect night to get it back out and go for a flight. The world really does look different from the air, and I need to make more images like this. Every year when I put together my year in photos posts I get inspired to take the drone out. This year though that never happened so March was nearly over before my first flight. As things are a little slow right now I bet it comes out a little more over the next couple of months.

Buy A Purdue Print

You can view more of my Purdue images from this year here. It has already been a good year making photos on the campus of Purdue. Right now any photo on the site is 25% off if you use the code “Purdue” at checkout.

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