Photographing Purdue Swimming Senior Day

Senior Day Emotions

I love senior day. It adds a little extra emotion to the event. I love the little moments that come out of senior day like the photo above. They are quick things, but they are fun to make photos of.

Dragging The Shutter Again

When the longer freestyle events start I switch my camera over to drag the shutter. Here I made my photos at 1/25th of a second. I love the way that you can see the flow of the water around the athlete with the shutter speed slowed down. You can also see just how violent this sport really is. Most of the action occurs under the water, but it is a violent motion that propels these athletes across the pool. Slowing things down really helps me show that.

The Joy Of Diving

During the meet I went up to the top of the 10m platform to make a photo. I was nervous just being up there far from the edge. I can’t imagine performing a dive from up there. Some of the divers even start their dive with a handstand up there. It is mind boggling, but that is what makes them special. They do it with no problem.

More Photos

You can see the full gallery from the meet here on the Purdue Exposure page.

The Week In Photos

This was part of a fun week last week making photos. You can see my favorite photos from last week here.



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