Lightning At Sunset

Sometimes You Just Need To Get Off Of The Computer

After dinner one Sunday night I was sitting at the computer working on my week in photos post. Of course while I was doing that the sky was about ready to light up. We got home later so I knew I couldn’t go anywhere in time so I just started working. The sky got so cool though that I ended up hanging out of the one of our upper story windows making photos. I loved how the sky looked in this shot. The little spot of lightning at the bottom just added to the photo I thought. At some point I thought about cropping the lightning out altogether to just show the amazing colors in the sky. At the end of the day I decided to leave it in.

Finding The Limits

When I made this photo I really had not had the Sony A7Riii for very long. I was still finding out what it was all about. When I saw the sky I grabbed my camera and just started shooting. I left the electronic shutter on. Of course it was then when I saw that the electronic shutter has some limits. This is something that is easily fixed, but something that I would have to keep in mind from that point on. Above you can see two photos. The first is where everything went right with the shutter. The second is what could go wrong. These cameras are amazing, but they do have limits. Part of the fun of photography is finding out what those limits are.


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