Spending Some Quality Time At The Celery Bog

Hanging Out At The Celery Bog

The other day on my birthday after the kids were at school I spent a couple of hours walking around the Celery Bog. There really is no better way to spend a little time than just chilling out at the bog. I feel so relaxed when I leave that it is something that I should do more often. When birds come up and pose like the one above that really is the case.

A Great Birthday Present

If you follow this blog then you may have read about how the Indigo Bunting just always ends up somewhere where it is hard to photograph. On my way out of the bog Wednesday I ran into this bunting that just wanted to be photographed. No matter which way I moved it would come and find me. It kept following me around waiting for the photo to be made. It finally landed on a good perch, and I was able to make a nice photo of it.

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