West Lafayette Football Defeats Andrean For The Sectional Title

West Side Storms Back To Win Big

In the movies the reason that you want the good guys to win so bad is usually because they have faced some adversity early on in the movie. That was the case Friday night. West Side went down 10-0 very early. They did not waiver though, and they rattled off many unanswered points to put the game away before the fourth quarter. During that run there were many fun moments to capture. The reward for the big win is another Friday night to play. At this point in the season your days are numbered already, but you can keep the ride going all the way to Indy to make your season as long as you can. This team looks like a team that can do just that.

Back On The High School Gridiron

I love high school football. I would shoot it every week if I could. Most Friday nights though I am somewhere else shooting soccer or volleyball. This year I only have made it to two games and one scrimmage. I am glad that I got this game in though as it had all of the things that make high school football so great. As of right now my next Friday night is open so maybe I will get to see West Side go for the regional title.

More Photos From The Game

Here is a link to the gallery from the game. You can download whatever you want, but I just ask that they not be used for commercial purposes and that if you post on social that you credit me.

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