Top 17 Concert Photos of 2017


My 17 Favorite Concert Photos of 2017

2017 was a fun concert year for me. For the second year in a row we went to Dead and Company, Jimmy Buffett, and Austin City Limits. All three are fun in their own way. The highlight of the year for me though was watching Metallica live again. It was a great Father’s Day present since I had not seen them live since 2009. Another highlight was seeing Ben Folds in concert. He puts on a great show that the audience gets into as well. Here are seventeen of my favorite concert photos from the past year.

17. Few concert venues can say they have the view that you get looking back at the main stage at Austin City Limits. Here I walked over to get this view of the ever changing Austin skyline as the sun was going down behind me. I love this view, and I try and do something with it every year.

16. This year we saw Jimmy Buffett for the fourth straight year in a different state. It is not something that we planned, but the way it worked with our schedule. We have seen Jimmy in Indy, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Cincinnati the last four years. The show this year in Cincy was Jimmy’s 50th in that venue. That is amazing to me that you could play fifty shows in one venue. That is a testament to his staying power. You figure though that after all of these years that venue in Cincinnati would have parking figured out.

15. This year while covering volleyball at Indiana University I had a large amount of time off in between games. I went just south of Bloomington to Story, Indiana to meet my brother who was working the Hoosier Hops & Harvest there. It was fun making some photos there, and this simple concert shot of the Indiana Boys playing was part of a fun break in the action for me.

14. While walking through the crowd one day at ACL Fest I saw this great scene with the sun going down among the flags in the middle of the concert grounds. I didn’t have my camera with me so I pulled out my phone to make this picture. If I remember right I had a sleeping child in my arms which really ups the level of difficulty here.

13. Another shot of the sun and the flags in the middle of the ACL Fest grounds. I love the way that the flags allow for some fun when the bands aren’t the ones you were looking for at that time. I love the ACL Festival. It is a great time that is very well run.

12. This fall Alton Brown put on a great show at the Elliott Hall of Music. As the show was winding down the kids had to use the bathrooms on our way out. I took the chance to make this photo of the spotlight on Alton as he sang his encore. Elliott really is a special place to watch live entertainment.

11. On our way into the Dead and Company show I heard a commotion on the new lawn at Wrigley Field. I looked over, and Bill Walton was playing with the cover band. As I pulled my camera out to make a picture Bill acknowledged the crowd. This was a cool moment that I lucked into. 

10. Metallica! It had been far too long since the last time that I had seen Metallica play live. The Father’s Day show in Chicago was an obvious choice to attend, but I had an early morning flight with the family the next morning to head to Ocean City. I decided to try it anyway, and I am glad that I did. They put on a great show in an okay venue.

9. This year I capped off a fun Purdue Day of Giving by shooting the comedy show at Elliott. As the spotlight came down on the opening act I realized that it might be a cool shot to follow it up to the source. This was a fun photo to make as it showed some of what makes Elliott look so good.

8. This was a fun photo that I made at the Dead and Company show this past summer. Wrigley Field was a great venue for a concert. Here the light was good so I pulled out my camera. I don’t make many pictures during a show. I have fun watching it. When the light starts to get good though I pull the camera out. I can’t contain myself.

7. Can you tell how much fun I have at the ACL Fest every year yet? Many photos on this countdown come from the three days that we spent there this year. This was one of those moments where I was enjoying a show, and I saw the sun going down and stood up to make a quick picture. Then it was back to the music.

6. Here is another iPhone 7+ shot that I made walking into the festival one day. Maybe I was being a little cocky since we were able to cut the line because of our little one. I liked the sun shining and had this idea when I made the photo. I knew that I would go for a washed out look in processing when I made it, but the sun and my phone pretty much did that for me.

5.  As The Killers started their show to close out the festival on Sunday night they had a great light show. I brought out the camera to show what you could see of the skyline with the lights going into the sky. It was one of my favorite photos of the festival. I had a little Sony point and shoot with my at the time, and this was one of the rare times over the weekend when I wished that I had my dSLR with me.

4. As the sun set on the last night of the festival Portugal, the Man had started their performance. I knew I would like the show when they came out to For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica. They rocked that song, and then went into their own music. I like the blues and the oranges here.

3. Out of the entire weekend this was the one show that I wished that I was able to photograph. Not because of who was on the stage, but because of the light show. I really had a hard time paying attention to anything but the light here. It was absolutely amazing. Of course with a fixed lens far back I couldn’t show it too well, but this was my attempt at showing it.

2. A Ben Folds show is one where it seems like you are part of the action. I could see where that would be something that you would want to see over and over. Here he directs the crowd to sing certain parts to a song of his. I had a lot of fun that night, and it wasn’t all because of the Jack and Cokes. Ben Folds can really put on a show.

  1. Of course the highlight of the year was the Metallica show. Here the light was perfect in the sky to make a few photos. I decided to use that time to do just that. Then the orange stage light came up making it many things that I love in one photo. After the light went away so did my camera for the most part allowing me to enjoy the show.

This year was one where I saw some great acts. Some last minute changes stopped me from seeing a couple as well. This coming year I should have a couple of memorable shows to post about. A chance to see John Williams live is one that I am really looking forward to. Got any tickets to it?


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