Christmas With The Owls

Going Out To Find Owls On A Snowy Day

As we woke up on Christmas Eve and the snow was pouring down I had one thought in mind. The owls would look amazing in the snow. At first I resisted the urge to go out and photograph in the snow. It was wet and slick out there. I finally decided that I would not get many chances in life to photograph a snowy owl in the snow so I took off to the spot I thought that they would be. As I was driving down the road looking for a white owl on a fence post I realized that I saw many brown blobs on fence posts. With the snow coming down it was impossible to tell what the blobs were. It was then that I saw the small earred owl staring right at me. The owl did not seem distressed, but rather inquisitive at what my camera and lens were poking out of my car window. I was allowed a quick photo shoot, and then I was on my way. When you have what you want it is pointless to stay too close to the bird. I had a mission of finding a snowy owl after all.

Finding The Owl Up High

I knew the general area that the snowy owl was hanging out in, but not quite exactly where it would be. I had places I hoped it would be for background purposes, but you can’t be picky when it comes to something like this. I spotted the owl up on a electrical pole, and I knew that I would not have a great picture. That is fine because just seeing them is pretty cool.

When Things Go Right

After seeing the snowy owl I made my way back to the road where I saw the one short earred owl earlier. At this point there were seven owls lined up on both sides of the road. They were pretty active flying over the fields looking for food. Here I really liked the way this photo looked with the fresh snow and the way the owl was posing for me. Then as I was framing up the shot an owl flew through the background making an image that I really liked. I like to get in tight, but this had a painting quality to it I thought.

Using the Canon 7D Mark II

I really go back and forth on my Canon 7D Mark II. At times I love the camera and the look of added reach that it gives me. At other times I feel that it doesn’t perform the way that I want it to. Here mounted on my Canon 100-400mm lens it worked just fine for me. I had a few soft frames, but that could have been chalked up to operator error more than anything.


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