Indiana State Basketball vs. Elon

Indiana State Takes On Elon

I had one more game to photograph before the Christmas break, and that was the Indiana State basketball game against Elon. A six o’clock start in Terre Haute is always a good thing as it means I won’t be driving home too late. This was a perfect way to tie things up before taking a few days off to be with the family.

Trying Out A New Lens

If you follow this blog then you know that I have rented from for a long time now. I have always found their service to be amazing, and they have plenty of what I need. Sometimes their emails also get me to rent something that I didn’t know that I needed. With the holidays coming up they basically had an offer to rent something free for a week. I took them up on that offer and rented a Canon 85mm f/1.2 lens. It really is a sharp lens that can get the job done in low light. Here in the locker room pregame for example I had all the light that I needed at f/1.2. I was impressed with what I was able to get during the game as well. During the game when I was able to hit with it I almost saw a tilt shift effect. The focus plane is so razor thin that everything else just melted away. I really didn’t play with it too much as I wanted to get my shots, but in the future I will have to take it to a game that I am not getting paid for to play around a little.



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