Xavier Men’s Basketball At Musketeer Madness

Xavier Men’s Basketball Gives the Fans a Show

Friday night I was in Cincinnati covering Musketeer Madness for Xavier. Yesterday I talked about the women’s side of the night, and today I will talk about the men’s side. Musketeer Madness is a great way to get an early jump on recruiting if you ask me. They put on a great show with a lot of fan support that has to impress the recruits. From the first look that I had of the team in the arena as Elias Harden took the stage I knew that I was in for a good night.

Finding Moments At Fan Fest

Once I saw these aviator glasses I had an idea for a photo. I tried to sit on it a couple of times, but the nature of fan fest means little gaps in people in line. When I saw a gap I tried to make this photo. I needed a young fan because of their height standing at just the right spot handing their loot to the player to autograph. If it all worked out then I had the fan in the glasses of the player. One bonus here was the tilt of the head brought the sun flare into the shot as well.

A Fun Three Point Contest That Ends In Overtime

I thought that the women’s three point contest had some drama and emotion, but the men easily beat that. A late bucket to force a tie and overtime made for a fun environment. I think the dramatic lighting in a slam dunk contest would have been much better than this, but player safety is the #1 concern. If this was the consolation prize it was a great substitute.

Basketball Already?

This is that weird time of the year when baseball is just ending, and football is starting to get very interesting. It is always hard for me to then quickly transition to basketball. Basketball is a sport where you are stuck in one place with very little room to move and be creative. That is hard for me at times. This year I am starting much earlier than I ever have before. A game this Saturday already seems crazy to me. The way things work though it will be March Madness before you know it.

The Week In Photos

Last week was a fun week with a lot of action to photograph. You can view my favorite photos from the week here. When you have cool light like in the photo above the photos just seem to come a little easier. This week has some great potential as well if the weather holds off.

One Last Photo Before I Go

When I saw the setup for the introductions I knew that I wanted to cover it from a couple of angles. I had remote cameras and I was constantly changing my position. One shot that I knew that I wanted going into it though was the shot above. With Trevon Bluiett making his last run with the Musketeers I wanted to give him the full hero treatment. I saw this possibility hours before the event when they were playing with the lighting. The smoke that was added to the photo just makes it for me. This was one of those pre-visualized shots that really came out like I was hoping that it would.


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