Williams Stadium at Liberty University

Blue Hour at Williams Stadium

Williams Stadium at Blue Hour

During the game against Indiana State I had a couple of chances to make an interesting photo of the stadium. Just before I made the photo above a nice color was tipping each of the clouds. I had the idea to run up and make this photo, but Indiana State was on the opposite end of the stadium driving. My job of course is it capture that action. A few minutes later when Liberty had the ball and the odds were in my favor to not miss anything I ran up into the stands to make this photo. This is a unique stadium that is always changing. It was cool to capture it at this moment in time. I moved quickly back down to the field to watch ISU kneel down to end the first half. It was the perfect time to make this image. This will be the only image from the game that I post today. Tomorrow I will have my full recap post up with images from the game.

The Bill Before the Game

If you follow this blog then you know that I always make a few stadium shots before shooting a game. I am there before the fans are so I always get an empty stadium shot. The goal of course is to make a full stadium shot later, but in case that does not pan out I have this to fall back on. When shooting for a team it is a cool way to get some content out early as well. Here the team was still a couple of hours from arriving at the stadium so it may have been their first look at Williams Stadium as well. I did a little something different here. I was using my 24-105mm lens to make the photo. I could have brought out the 11-24mm lens that I had with me, but I decided to try a panoramic. I held my camera vertical and made seven three shot exposures moving from right to left. My camera was set in manual so all of the exposures would be the same. Once in Lightroom I combined all of the three shot images into HDR photos and edited one with the field and sky to get it how I wanted it. I then copied those settings to the other six photos. From there it was just a matter of letting Lightroom stitch the photos together. I like how this turned out. It only took 21 images to make, but it was worth it. One thing that I like about the pano is the detail you can keep in the photo. You can zoom into the top of the mountains and see the LU for Liberty University at the top of one, and a ski hill with skiers on it on another.

The Week In Photos

Each week I put together an Exposure page with some of my favorite photos from the previous week. Here is the post for last week. This is a fun exercise for me, and a great way to put some of my photos out there that normally would not be out.


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