Another Ocean City Sunset

Taking It All In While In Ocean City

This year in Ocean City, Maryland I made a point to get out and photograph more sunsets. This photo was made on our first real day in Ocean City. After quite the trip getting there the first day I did not get to see the sunset. The first sunset that I saw through was amazing. I ran down to the beach to make a few photos. Some of those have made their way onto this blog. As the color moved across the sky I moved across it with my camera as well. This was a simpler photo, but one that I really liked. You get a taste of the boardwalk along with the sunset.

Multitasking At Sunset

I really was going to capture this sunset. I set up my phone in time lapse mode in the building on the far left of the shot above. I was a couple of floors below that spire pointed at the cross that is silhouetted below it. It was one of my favorite time lapse videos from the trip as the sky was changing around the cross. Above is the video that I made with all of those short videos in it. It was nice to make some content from two locations at the same time. I don’t often go all out like that on vacation because it is supposed to be relaxing. A good sunset it worth it though.


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