Barns Of Parke County

A Few Of The Barns Of Parke County

When I am in Parke County, Indiana the focus is obviously on the covered bridges. The county is full of them, and they are fun to find and photograph. Along the way though there are also many nice barns to photograph. Like any series of barn photos this one has a few different kinds in it. I am a sucker for the old red barn. Nothing will make me slam on the brakes like an old barn on the side of the road.

Barns In The Wild

When I am driving I am pretty much at the mercy of the conditions when out looking for subjects to photograph. If there is something really amazing I may wait around for the good light, but when out bridge hunting I pretty much take what I can get. It would be nice to visit these barns again in some great early morning or late evening light. Here the cow is in the shadow. In a way that fact makes it a nice hidden feature of the photo.

More Barns Than Normal

I don’t know if it was the route that I took that day or just the sheer amount of barns in Parke County, but I was not getting very far without stopping that day. The barn above was right next to a steel bridge making it one stop with many photos to make. Next time I am out in Parke County I need to take a different route to see what else I can find. Maybe I was just on the route with the most barns.

Barns Ready For Harvest

This was a trip that I made in mid April, but some of the barns had harvest equipment in front of them. Barns like the last two in this post had older farm implements in front of them making them a little more interesting to me. Do you stop to look at or photograph barns on the road? Am I the only one?

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