A Day At The Zoo

Just Hanging Out At The Zoo

Yesterday we spent the day at the zoo enjoying the company of some of the animals. With my travel schedule the next couple of weeks I am not sure how much time I will be spending at home on the weekends. This long weekend before all of that cranks up was nice to allow me to spend some time with the family. Of course I had to take my camera to the zoo with me because that is part of the deal as well.

Using The Canon 100-400mm Lens At The Zoo

When I was leaving for the zoo I didn’t want to pack a bag. It was a family trip, and I just wanted one camera and one lens to go with me. I knew that any portrait type shots would be handled by my phone so I decided to give the Canon 100-400mm lens a shot. It really did the trick for me allowing my to get in tight on the animals. Nothing will top the bokeh from my 400 prime. For a trip to the zoo with the family though this lens is great. I need to get it out to Wolf Park to test it out this winter.

I Double Dare You

Sometimes I make a photo because it looks great to me. Other times I do it because it makes me laugh. This was one of those photos. For some reason I kept thinking of the kid from the movie A Christmas Story as I saw the tongue touch the pole. Don’t worry. The giraffe did not get his tongue stuck to the pole, and the fire department did not have to be called.

Hanging With The Butterflies

It seems like we have to stop and see the butterflies before heading into the zoo every time we visit. A lot of memories were made in that building early on as I was getting to know my step-daughter. I think that we head in there just for that. I do like to make some photos as well, and it is easy pickings if you have a little patience. This female was getting a lot of suitors so it was fun trying to get a couple of the butterflies in one shot.

A Leg To Stand On

For someone like me I use the zoo as a cheap safari. At this stage in my life I am not going to go over for a couple of weeks on a real safari. Maybe when the kids are out of college that can be a thing, but for now I have to take what I can. It is fun to go out and try and create a little while walking around the zoo. There is a lot to work with so it is fun and easy to make images. I am sure that we will be back in October for the Boo Zoo.


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