Indiana State Soccer Opens Up Their Season With a 2-0 Win

Indiana State Opens Up Their Season With A Win

Last night Indiana State soccer kicked off the 2017-2018 sports season for the Sycamores with a big win. It was a great atmosphere for the first sporting event of the season for Indiana State. The football team showed up, and was a large vocal presence during the game. Reilly Teal scored two goals, and lifted her team to the win. When I arrived at the stadium I was thinking about the only other Sycamore soccer game that I have shot in the past. Indiana State took the win in a great shootout. I wondered how this game could top that one if it even could. The great atmosphere was one way that it really did. It was a fun game to shoot, and I am excited to photograph the team again.

A Lucky Break

Sometimes you catch a break that makes you look really good. Last night was one of those times. I was making some images of the stadium lights and the sunset on the end opposite where Indiana State was shooting. The sunset started to fizzle, and I knew I could get something from the other end so I moved back to the position that I normally would be. I had a thought of taking the drone up in the field next to the stadium. That was all erased as Reilly Teal scored her second goal of the night. As I came around the Indiana State bench the play started to unfold in front of me. My monopod hit the ground and I started shooting. I made the images of the goal and the celebration, and it was all due to a lot of luck that I decided to move when I did.

The First Game Under the New Lights at Memorial Stadium

The game also marked the first game under the new stadium lights at Memorial Stadium. Having a good set of lights there opens up new opportunities for the Sycamores to play more night games. Opening up under the lights last night is a good example. In less than two weeks the football team will open up under the lights as well. Things are changing at ISU, and it is fun to see in person.

A Little Redemption

I really was not too happy with my take from the soccer game on Monday night. My client was happy, and in the end that is what really matters. As I was writing the post for the game there was not one photo that jumped out to me while choosing. It was a good game from a sports information point of view, but I just felt that I didn’t capture any emotion. Last night I felt that I did a much better job of covering the game, and I was much happier with my gallery at the end.

It Doesn’t Always Work Out

Last night I set up a goal remote with one idea in mind. I wanted the stadium in the background, and I wanted to use the light to my advantage. Of course after the coin toss Indiana State started off going the other way. I was still firing my remote, but the signal was not getting picked up. I was fairly close at one point during a great save, and the remote still didn’t fire. I did make this photo during the second half which is a good test picture, but not much else. The goal remote will have to come back out again.

What is Next?

I will not be at Indiana State again until the big night game to start of the football season. I will spend three days in between though covering Indiana State athletics. Next weekend I will cover the volleyball team as they play in an early season tournament in Bloomington. Sunday I will cover this same soccer team as they come to my town to play Purdue.


2 Replies to “Indiana State Soccer Opens Up Their Season With a 2-0 Win”

  1. Awesome photos. You were able to capture some moments in time that will forever remind us of the love our daughter has for the game of soccer. Thank you for letting us relive those moments through your photography.

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