Nature In Your Own Backyard

A Welcome Break From Mowing the Grass

Lately I have been lucky enough to see a couple of cool critters while mowing the grass. Earlier this week I came upon the one above while out in the yard. Of course I immediately shut off the lawn mower and ran inside to put a kit together real quick to photograph the praying mantis. I grabbed my Canon 5D Mark IV and my Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens. I ran back outside, and sure enough it was still there waiting for me to photograph it. At first the mantis did not know what to do about me so it would not look my way. Once I sat there a while though it started to become familiar with me, and I was able to work the scene a little. In the end I came up with the photo above which I liked very much.

Bringing A Little Extra Gear

Sometimes a nature shoot can occur when you least expect it. Mondays are usually slow days for me as far as making publishable photos. I was in the middle of a shoot where I was photographing interiors for a client. Earlier I had noticed that there were many butterflies in their flower garden. The shoot was one where I just needed my Canon 11-24mm lens for the job. I brought my bag though so I would have my Canon 100-400mm lens with me to photograph the butterflies while I was there. The client liked the extra photos, and I was able to make some photos early in the day on a Monday.


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