Indiana State Softball Walks It Off For First MVC Win of the Season

Indiana State Wins Their First MVC Game In Dramatic Fashion

Saturday I spent the second half of my day with the Indiana State softball program. After photographing no softball since last spring I was excited to get back to photographing more softball. Two games at Purdue the day before really helped me shake out the rust so that when Saturday came I was ready to go. Off the bat it looked like it would be a long game for Indiana State. Then the comeback happened. The sycamores used a little help for a dramatic nine inning come from behind win. That is just the kind of game that I love to photograph as it gives me plenty of emotion to use. It was also the first MVC conference win of the season for the Sycamores, and a much needed win after what had to be a crazy week for the program. It was fun to see the team have a little success and in the process fun Saturday.

The Unique Angles of Price Field

One really cool feature of Price Field is the area in between home plate and the dugouts that you can shoot through. It gives me a chance to basically be next to the dugout without having to worry about getting hit by a stray ball. That may sound crazy, but when I am concentrating on shooting the fielders I can’t really afford to watch the at bat if I am to get the fielding play. This gives me a safe way to do so. I always try and find a place to do this when I visit a new stadium to make sure that I can get the shots that I need, but also make sure that I go home at night. My favorite spot turned out to be next to the Sycamore dugout near the end of the first game. That also happened to coincide with the comeback and win. I was able to get some great celebration shots from this angle. The angles from the top of the dugouts were good, but I liked being at eye level with the players.

Finding Another Angle of the Action

High blue walls at both the Indiana State baseball and softball stadiums make for a great backdrop. I would love to be able to photograph the pitchers from eye level, but you take what you are given. With that great backdrop I tend to make more photos from centerfield. When I make a photo at Purdue from center I have to have good action in it, but I also have to scan the crowd to see what is going on there. It takes a little more to make a successful photo. If the play looks amazing, but the crowd looks bored it can kill a photo. The nice clean blue wall behind the action here helps it pop off of it a lot more. It helps that Indiana State had on the bright white uniforms as well. Blue tops might not have worked as well here.

Finding the Right Gear For the Field

As I said above I scouted out the field on the Tuesday prior to the game to see what I could use for the game. I decided to not use my 400mm to make myself a little more mobile. I tested this out the night before at Purdue and it seemed to work well. Most of my shots for the game were made with my Canon 1DX mounted to my Canon 70-200mm lens with the 1.4x extender on it. That is what I used to really use for softball. I tried to get away with not using the converter, but I needed that extra reach. On the other side of my double harness I have my Canon 7D Mark II with the Canon 300mm f/4 mounted on it. That allowed me to get a little tighter without having the big glass to lug around all day. In my bag I had my Canon 5D Mark IV with my 24-105mm lens on it for any wide action that I needed to cover. I had my 17-40mm lens with me as well, but it never came out of the bag. With an overcast sky I didn’t make many stadium shots on the day. No school wants shots of their stadium with a rain cloud over it. A cloud over a program is not a good look. I will have to see when the schedule syncs up to get some nice shots of the stadium.

Where Do I Go Next?

One question that I get often is where will I be shooting next? This week is a bittersweet one for me. Purdue baseball comes home, but at the worst possible time. They play home games on Tuesday and Wednesday, but I won’t be able to go. That is too bad as this team looks like it plays an exciting brand of baseball. They won seven in a row going into the weekend, and it is always good to see the boys in Gold and Black at Alexander. I will be at Indiana on Wednesday to see Indiana State take on Indiana. Hopefully the Sycamores give me a lot of celebration at the end of the game. It is the first of a few times that I will photograph someone against Indiana this season. After that I am done with sports for the week. At this point I don’t know where sports is really taking me so I am trying to focus on the things that actually make me money. I will spend a couple of days in Chicago to make some shots of the city this weekend. Although if they were home I would try and sneak in a visit to Granderson Stadium as well. That is a well thought out stadium with a great view of Chicago to go with it.

The Week in Photos

What a week it was! I was able to get back out and photograph baseball again. It was a good feeling, and one that I hope that I can do many more times this year. Indiana State even celebrated my first game of the year with a walk off winner. Saturday morning I also was able to photograph my first football action of 2017. It was only practice, but it was fun to be back on the gridiron. I love to photograph baseball, and for some reason I have been labeled a baseball photographer, but football is the sport that I am closest to. I can’t wait to get some more under my belt this year. I also shot my first softball of 2017 this past week. The games above were part of four games in two days that I shot. The first photos at Purdue were purely for my benefit, but they were still fun games to cover. It was also fun to get to see my first Sycamore softball games ever. I scouted out the field before the baseball game Tuesday, but shot there for the first time Saturday. You can see my favorite photos from the past week on my Exposure page here.


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