One Week With Thor

The First Week With Our New Dog

Last week we bought a new dog. If you follow me on Instagram (@pinolaphoto if you wish) then you know that I have been having some fun photographing Thor. I am sure that the cold weather that will inevitably show up will curb the outdoor photos when it hits. Until then you can bet that I will be out there as much as I can making photos of Thor chasing his ball. I have never had a dog that would fetch for me, so this has been fun. I may be enjoying the dog much more than the kids who wanted him.

Support Your Local Shelter

Thor was a very good dog just sitting in a shelter waiting to find a good home. When we first picked him up I wondered what we would run into with him. I have been very surprised to see just how good of a dog he has been. He has been great with the kids, and has really been an all around great dog. There were a lot of great dogs just sitting there at the shelter waiting for a good home. Thor is just one of many.

Brushing Up On My Skills

If you have followed this blog then you know that in January of 2015 I spent a lot of time photographing birds. I had just bought my Canon 400mm lens, and I was getting used to using the longer glass. With Thor it has been a bigger challenge. He moves so fast that he was outrunning the autofocus on my other cameras. I brought out the 1DX to use the great autofocus system to increase my odds. The move paid off with some great shots of Thor running right at me. Yesterday I told someone that the 1DX was the best investment that I have made in my photography so far. That is the truth as it has been a great tool for me to make the images that I want to make.

The Week In Photos

Last week was a lighter week for me, but still a rewarding one. I covered one game for Indiana State, but then spent the weekend with family and friends. As I do every week though I put some of my favorite photos into one Exposure post. You can view that post here. It has some photos from early on in the first couple of days that we had Thor here. This tradition of posting my favorite photos once a week is now nearly a year old, and it is a fun way to look back each week at what I have done.


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