Eastern Michigan Visits Purdue

Eastern Michigan Visits Mackey Arena to Take On the Boilers

Yesterday I was back in Mackey Arena to photograph the Eastern Michigan Eagles as they played Purdue. Purdue came into the game very hot, and was going to be a tough opponent. Eastern Michigan held their own for the first quarter, but in the end Purdue was too much for them. It was still cool to shoot for Eastern Michigan. For years I have watched the program from afar through the lens of one of their photographers. It was pretty cool to get the opportunity to shoot a game for them. You can see a full gallery from the game on the Eastern Michigan site here.

Ashley Morrissette Scores Her 1,000th Point

Coming into the game Purdue senior Ashely Morrissette was just six points shy of becoming the 30th Purdue women’s player to score 1,000 points. She scored five quick points in the first quarter, but then committed her second foul. She sat the rest of the first half just one point shy of 1,000. In the second half she hit the three pointer above to score her 1,000th point. I was shooting for the other team, but you can still cover a moment like this from the other end of the floor. I zoomed in to capture her reaction as she went to the other end of the court, but she did not show any. It was just another basket for her. That is the kind of attitude that allows you to score 1,000.


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