Indiana State Basketball at Butler

Indiana State Women’s Basketball Travels to Butler

Yesterday I made the trip down to Indy to photograph the Indiana State women’s team as they took on the Butler Bulldogs. For three quarter this was a very good basketball game. The bad news is that the game started with the first quarter. Butler jumped out to a 15-0 lead, and ISU could not come back from that. They played well the rest of the way playing pretty much even throughout the final three quarters. This is a team that does not give up. They are very fun to photograph, and I look forward to seeing them when they take to the court next on the 21st.

Photographing at Hinkle Fieldhouse

I love photographing at Hinkle Fieldhouse. It is a great historic basketball venue that allows you to do some things that you cannot do at most arenas. At Purdue your shooting locations are pretty limited by the signage on all four corners of the arena. At Butler I can sit in that far outside shooting location that I like to use. You also have unique opportunities like the one above where the coach is a little higher than the players on the bench. I am sure that you have this at many arenas, but at Butler I have a walkway right behind it in order to capture it. Each arena has things that make it unique, and also things that make it hard to shoot. At Hinkle the positives far outweighs the negatives.

The Week in Photos

This week was another fun week in photography for me. A few of my favorites from the week can be found here in my weekly Exposure post. This week has a few Christmas themed photos in it, and I am sure that the next couple of weeks will have an increasing amount as well.


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