The Great Movie Ride

The Great Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

One item that I wanted to cross off of my list was to go on The Great Movie Ride at Hollywood Studios. I love movies, and on the ride they take you through many of the greatest movies ever made. Movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Alien, Singin’ in the Rain, Mary Poppins, A Fistful of Dollars, and the Wizard of Oz are featured on the ride. It is really cool to see what appears to be the movies being made as you go through the ride. You can watch the ride online using something like YouTube if you want. There are plenty of people who have gone through it and posted videos of it. Nothing beats seeing it in person though.

Shooting in the Near Dark

I really wanted to make some photos of this ride. The problem with that is that the light was constantly changing, and always on the low side. Rarely did I have too much light to work with. I was always shooting in the near dark to make my images. If you want to improve your photography then get out of the good light and go somewhere with very bad light. If you can come up with good images there, then you you can make good images nearly anywhere. I don’t often shoot at ISO 10,000, but that was what was needed to get anything even remotely usable here. Sometimes on a trip like one to Disney the pictures seem to come very easily. I love it when a big challenge pops up.

More Photos From the Great Movie Ride

Below are a few extra photos from the Great Movie Ride. I had fun making the images as well as editing them. This is one ride that I would do again if the opportunity presented itself.


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