The Path to Notre Dame

Never Put Your Camera Down

Saturday night as I was leaving Notre Dame Stadium the sky was really lighting up. I had all of my gear, but I was working to get to a spot that I passed earlier in the day. I had an idea for a photo that could look really cool. On the way I made a couple of photos that may end up on this blog at a later date. The photo above is one that I liked from the spot that I tried to make it to. I love the idea of this lighted path leading in towards campus. This green is a new area to me, and I was glad I was able to see it in some good light.

Photos From the Notre Dame Game

I have posted some links to my photos from the game over the weekend, but if you would like to take another look at my Exposure page from the game you can click here.

2015 MiLBY’s Photo of the Year

This year I covered only four games for the Indianapolis Indians, but I was blessed with some great action to photograph. My image of Josh Bell getting an ice bath after a 13th inning walk off hit in his first triple A game was nominated for the photo of the year by Minor League Baseball. I don’t ask for a lot, but if you could vote for it here that would be great. I am up against some great photos so I will need all the votes that I can get.


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