Day One of the Mortar Board Premier

Ohio University and Purdue University Win on Day One of the Mortar Board Premier

Yesterday I shot my first college athletics of the 2015-2016 season. I was hired to shoot the tournament by VCU, but I attended the first match of the game to get my volleyball timing back. Volleyball is a sport that is all about anticipation. I wanted to make sure that I was back in the groove so to speak when the match that counted for me started. I moved around  bit during the match to find some new angles to use over the course of the weekend. During a three day tournament I want to make some new pictures every day. I don’t want my stuff to start looking the same. The nature of the sport is that I will repeat some shots, but I was looking for new angles that would give me a slightly different look. One thing that I won’t change is my use of the Purdue student area. I love the straight on look over the top of the net. I like the look of that shot, and I am sure that I will use it over and over this weekend.

Both Purdue and Ohio University took care of business in three straight sets so the actual shooting time yesterday was short. Even though both matches were three set sweeps everyone played well so I had plenty of moments to capture. In fact some of my favorite celebration photos were of the teams that lost the match. Today both matches that I will shoot do not involve Purdue. That is a good thing for a couple of reasons, but the most important is that I should have the space to move around a little more. With Purdue playing it is a packed house, and I don’t have the positions to shoot that I normally would.

More Photos From the Mortar Board Premier

Below I have included a few photos from the day that I liked. You can go to my 2015 Volleyball page on my website to see more photos from the tournament. You can also check out my gallery here on the VCU Athletic site to see images from the nightcap.


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