South Bend Cubs vs. Great Lakes Loons

The South Bend Cubs Drop a Game against the Great Lakes Loons In Front of a Packed House

As I said in yesterday’s post the atmosphere at what I used to call Coveleski Stadium has completely changed since my last trip there in 2011. A packed house really makes a huge difference in the game. When I last set foot inside of Four Winds Field I was just beginning my journey as a photographer. I had taken pictures before, but I was starting the journey that would result in the photo a day pledge and the birth of this blog later that year. It was awesome to go back with my new knowledge and equipment to make a few photos. I made some photos early in the game, and then really focused on the action when the light was good. A beautiful golden light made for some interesting shots. Once the sun left the field I focused on making some images of the park. The light turned out just right to make some very interesting shots of the park. I was glad to be back inside of the Cove for a night, and I now know that I need to get back inside again this season. It is a great experience, and a great place to see a game.

Seeing Jordan Minch Again

During his Purdue career I loved to photograph Jordan Minch. His pitching style has a unique style that reminded me a bit of watching Tim Lincecom pitch. In fact I had a good handle on Tim when I actually photographed him pitching in 2012 after photographing Jordan. I was not able to see him pitch, but it was nice to see Jordan again. It is hard to get to a stadium to see a reliever pitch. They have a somewhat set schedule at this level, but many things could get in the way of it.

Batting .500 on the Other Players I Wanted to See

In addition to wanting to see Jordan pitch I really wanted to see Gleyber Torres and Jeffrey Baez play. Torres is a very highly ranked prospect, and I have heard good things about Baez as well. Torres was the guy that I really wanted to watch play before he was moved up or traded. Of course he had the night off. Baez did play though, and as you would think he took home the player of the game honors. Baez played right field and lead off. He was fun to watch as he seemed to really have a handle on the game. One player for Great Lakes that I recognized was Cameron Palmer. He got the win on the night, but I first saw him pitch for the Toledo Rockets against Cincinnati this season. It is fun to watch both teams to see who may have what it takes. Over the years I have seen a few players come through South Bend on their way to the Major Leagues. Early on we saw guys like Chris Capuano and Lyle Overbay make it. Mark Reynolds and Justin Upton used South Bend as a launch pad to the Majors as well. Guys like A.J. Pollock played their college ball at Notre Dame, then found his way to the South Bend Silverhawks. He is now playing everyday for the Arizona Diamondbacks. It is always interesting to try and pick who will make it from this point. It is not easy to get from low A ball to the Major Leagues. Those who do have defied the odds. 

More Photos From the South Bend Cubs Game

As I said I went to the stadium to make shots of the stadium itself. I wanted some nice shots of Four Winds Field for my portfolio. The game action was not that important to me, but with the great light hitting the players you have to shoot. I picked my spots, and tried to come away with some shots that showed the beauty of the night. Here are a few bonus photos that I liked from the game.

Jeffrey Baez is congratualated by his teammates after scoring a run for the South Bend Silverhawks on July 22, 2015
Jake Stinnett piches for the South Bend Cubs on July 22, 2015


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