The Kokomo Jackrabbits vs. the Quincy Gems

Shooting for the Kokomo Jackrabbits

After about a month off of shooting baseball I was back where I love to be at a ball diamond. The summer is my off season, but I still like to get out and shoot my favorite sport. An opportunity came up for me to shoot a few games for the Kokomo Jackrabbits. The job requires more away from the diamond than sports action, but I did make a few photos that I liked from the first game. The main shooting positions are very good for shooting the pitcher as well as a batter facing you. I tried to move around a bit to get a few different angles of the action though during the game.

A Nostalgic Trip

One reason that I really wanted to shoot the Jackrabbits was the uniforms that they wear. They remind me of the early 1980’s San Diego Padres uniforms. If you have followed my blog(s) for a while then you know that I am a sucker for the retro uniforms. It is fun to photograph teams that resemble the ones that you grew up watching. I for one am all for the retro uniforms coming back.

Thank You

I just wanted to take a couple of seconds to thank you for coming to my blog and reading it. This past June was my best June on this blog. Last year at this time the blog had a historically bad month. It was enough for me to question if it should continue. I decided to ride it out until October when to make it to the blog’s anniversary. It was a great decision as I have had a few record months since then. Sometimes you just have to stick it out. I am glad that I did as I have gained a bunch of new followers since that time. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to giving you more to read.

Kokomo Jackrabbits Bonus Photos

Here are a few bonus photos from the game.

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