It’s A Small World

The (In)Famous It’s a Small World Ride at the Magic Kingdom

One ride that at first I was not too excited about was the It’s A Small World ride. I figured that the way I am with music that the song would be in my head throughout the day. I ended up having a blast during the ride. It is not often that a photographer can shoot in that many countries during a lifetime let alone over the course of a few minutes. The ride was still cool as an adult. We went on our first day with plans to go again on the trip. I think that we did that a lot as we never repeated a ride, but we had more on the list to do. There really is a lot to do at the Magic Kingdom.

Tired of Disney Photos?

This blog started off as a landscape blog. Over the course of the last couple of years it has changed as I have to more sports photography. Ever since my trip to the Magic Kingdom it has become sort of a Disney blog. This will be the last Disney post for a couple of weeks. I have some other projects coming up, and I really want to get back out to photograph some landscapes again. I am sure that I will get back to the Disney photos though. I still have a few left that I want to post. It really is a photogenic place.

Bonus Photos

I normally only do this with my sports photos, but here are a few bonus photos from the ride.


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