Welcome to the Magic Kingdom

The Entrance to Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Over the course of the trip there never was a great time to photograph this scene. It seemed as if I would always happen to be in front of it when the train was, but something always got in the way. I wanted a blue sky somewhere in the photo with a couple of interesting clouds. I also wanted a time when I could get a people free shot. In reality this was the perfect time to use the Lee Big Stopper on my tripod. The big stopper would allow for a ultra long exposure which would have made the clouds very interesting. It also would have gotten rid of most of the people who were moving through the frame. I didn’t want to carry gear all day though so that stayed at the hotel. I just had to wait for a good moment. As luck would have it I had a great opportunity our second to last day at the Magic Kingdom where I was able to make this photo. Sometimes a little patience pays off.

Using the HDR Feature in Lightroom 6 (CC)

Since Lightroom 6 came out I have really just used the HDR function in it for all of my needs. For about four years I used a version of Photomatix Pro for my HDR images. This really is a part of my photography that has evolved the most over the years. I used to make very bad HDR images that looked like you needed to be on a substance to appreciate. The HDR process is not really meant for that though. It is meant to help you show what your eye can see. The camera does not have the dynamic range that your eye does. In a scene like this one there is far too much dynamic range for the camera to handle. You have to help it out by using the tools at your disposal. A very subtle HDR like the one above is the answer. Now that Lightroom can handle the 32 bit files that I like to edit it has become a one stop shop for me.

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