Wright State Eliminates Ohio in the Champaign Regional

Wright State 8 – Ohio 3

Ohio only was able to play two games in the Champaign Regional, and they were beaten with big five run second innings in both of those games. Yesterday morning I started photographing what would be 25 innings of baseball for me with the resumption of the game from the day before. The game started back up in the third inning with Wright State leading 5-2. Both teams were fresh with the rest, and both sent out the pitchers who were on the mound the day before. Jesse Scholtens from Wright State was impressive despite having thrown on back to back days. He shut down the Ohio bats, and propelled his team into another elimination game with Notre Dame later that night.

Shooting For Ohio University

I know about Ohio University from other photographers who went their to study their craft. Before this tournament though I did not know much about their baseball team. I spent some time watching their play in the MAC baseball tournament to get a feel for them prior to the games, but that really doesn’t let you know too much about the players. This was a fun group of guys that made it much farther than they were predicted to go. They were supposed to finish last in the MAC, but they won the tournament and made it to Champaign. They had some gutsy performances over the three days I saw them play. It will be fun following this team to see how they build on this season.

Bonus Photos

Below are a few bonus photos from the game yesterday. I was enamored with the mustache of Wright State starting pitcher Jesse Scholtens so I made a couple of images of him during the game. Photographing Jesse made me feel like I was photographing the Oakland A’s in the early 70’s. The uniform and mustache just had that feel. That photo leads off this post. Other than that it was the best image available during the games. I only saw seven innings yesterday, but I feel that I made some interesting photos in that time. Here are some of my favorites.

Logan Cozart pitches against Wright State on MMay 31, 2015 during the NCAA Regional game


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