The Lonely Tree

Stopping the Motion of the Stars With the Canon 5D Mark III

A few weeks ago I made a few photos in my backyard of the stars. It was a beautiful night, and I loved how they looked. The goal of the night was to make a star trail photo. You can read about that process and see the photo here. On the way to making the photo you have to determine a correct exposure. This is the photo that I based the rest of my night on. I like the look of the star trail shots, but this one had a nice look to it as well. The funny thing about these types of shots is that with an automatic white balance it does not look that great. When you change the white balance to tungsten it really seems to look much cooler. I wanted to try this again last night after the sunset happened during a clear sky. Of course then the clouds rolled in to cover the stars. This is a fun type of photography that I would like to try a little more than I do. Click on the image to see it larger as it does it a little more justice.

2 Replies to “The Lonely Tree”

  1. I like the tip about white balance. The tungsten may be filtering out some local light pollution. Nice images. I canreadily see the “pointer stars” of the big dipper, being verified by the north pole in the trailed photo. šŸ™‚

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