Photographing Newborn Twins

Making Images of Newborns

I don’t make many images of newborn babies. Yesterday I went into the studio to photograph a couple of newborn twins for a couple of friends. I knew going in that it would be a challenge. If it was easy then everyone would do it right? Photographing one child while they are calm is one thing, but two is a unique opportunity. The shoot did not go as planned as neither child would sleep for us. Even with that though we made some lasting images. I made most of them apart, but for a while we put the two together. I could have photoshopped some images to make it look like they were next to each other, but you lose something that way. What you lose is the interaction. The way that they locked arms was priceless, and something that you cannot fake.

The Year of the Studio

The last two years I have thrown myself into my sports photography. This year I want to be in the studio a bit more. Lighting is going to be my main focus. I was happy to have a great first session in the studio yesterday. The year is looking good already.

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