West Side Basketball vs Crispus Attucks

The Red Devils Give the Tigers a Good Game

Last night I attended the West Side varsity game. It was a special game for West Side coach Dave Wood as he grew up near the Crispus Attucks campus.  At times it looked like the Tigers would run away with the game, but West Side kept clawing back into it. In the end the effort was not enough to win, but they did give them a good game. West Side has improved a lot so far this season, and I look forward to seeing just how far they can progress as the season goes on.

Bonus Photos

I have put a few photos from the game up on my SmugMug site here. I really have not covered a game like I normally would yet this season, but as it goes on I would like to try a few things out. For now here are the basic photos from the baseline that I normally take.