Christmas With the Carter’s

Christmas at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Museum

A few years ago I visited the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library just after Christmas. They had a nice display in the lobby that I thought looked great. As I have said many times in the past I took a couple of vacations that winter with a newer camera that I did not really know how to use. A scene like this was puzzling to me. In the end I captured a nice little moment thought.

Technical Data

If I had shot this today it would have shot in RAW format, or for HDR processing, or both. Back then though I just shot what the camera thought I should, and in a high quality jpeg format. Now with the power of Lightroom I can really bring out most of the details of the scene. For this image I really worked on the sliders to get the right balance. Sometimes you have easy photos to edit, and other times you have a photo like this one.