Purdue Football Military Appreciation Day

A Very Patriotic Day

I love military appreciation day at Purdue. The fans and the whole staff at Purdue seem to really get into the spirit. You see red, white, and blue mixed with old gold and black. I went to Ross Ade Stadium yesterday with a couple of photo ideas in mind. One of them you see above. I knew that the team would bring out a flag, and I wanted to capture that moment. I tried to pick a spot that would allow me to do that. I had one other idea in mind for the patriotic theme, but I am saving that one for Veteran’s Day.

Photographing Melvin Gordon III

Another goal for the day was to get a nice tight shot of Melvin Gordon III who is a great running back, and possibly a Heisman Trophy finalist. With the new Canon 7D Mark II in hand I knew that I could get in tight enough if he came my way. Lucky for me he did, and I made a few shots of him on the day. I liked this one the best with his Heisman Trophy type move. The 7D II really performed well today. For the money I think it might be the best sports camera out there.

The Return of Ryan Kerrigan

Part of the fun of not being in the loop with the athletic department is not knowing who will be singing ‘Shout’ every week. From my shooting position I saw three Purdue baseball players right where the song would happen. I made my way over there thinking that it would be a nice photo. I noticed a lot of photographers in the area, and it seemed funny for a performance of ‘Shout.’ Of course then I saw Ryan Kerrigan waiting to go on, and I knew that was the reason that the crowd had assembled. It was great to see one of my favorites back on the field again at Ross Ade.

Bonus Photos

On a day when it rained out of the blue I think that I did fairly well photographically. I had three cameras on me, and I shot lighter than I normally do. I think with the amount of soccer images that I have been making this week I didn’t want to go overboard. I shot when I had a shot to make, and I tried to make the most of it. Below are a few of the images that I liked for one reason or another from the day. I often talk about making the one image early that gets me going for the day. The first image of Purdue running back Akeem Hunt was that image yesterday. It was one that I was happy with, and I knew that I could make a better one than that. The first good one in the can though makes you feel much better about the day.

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