Land of the Marigolds

An Orange Marigold in August

This is another photo that I made while spending some time at my brother’s house in Martinsville. They have a beautiful flower garden that is a target rich environment for making photos. I had some fun with the 24-70mm lens getting up close and personal to the flowers while throwing the others out of focus. It makes for a very colorful background. With a macro lens I could get even closer,  but for now this will do.

Making Photos of Flowers

I am most comfortable making images of athletes in action. This coming weekend I will be shooting six volleyball games in two days with the Purdue season opening football game thrown in the middle of that. In all of that chaos I feel the most comfortable. Sometimes though I enjoy being outside where it is quite, and I can craft a picture. This is one of those times. It is not long before I long for the chaos again though.

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