Vince Lombardi and Lambeau Field

Shooting at an Iconic Stadium

When I made it to Lambeau Field in 2009 it was part of a great weekend road trip. I saw Purdue play at Wisconsin the day before, and then the Packers play a guy named Favre in Lambeau. Neither of my teams won that weekend, but sometimes it is just about the journey. With football season back I thought that it would be fitting to post a quick picture that I made on my way into the stadium. There are a few stadiums that it would be a dream to shoot from on the field. Lambeau would have to be near the top of that list. The appearance of the stadium has changed a bit, but the history of the field remains. Guys like Lombardi, Bart Starr, Max McGee, Jerry Kramer just to name a few from the old days. Then you have players that I remember wearing the Green and Gold like Lynn Dickey, James Lofton, Brett Favre, Sterling Sharpe, and Leroy Butler. You know the current group is pretty good as well. The game day atmosphere seems like it has not changed much over the years. They have a band and cheerleaders, and a great atmosphere. I would love to get back to Lambeau for another game on the field or not.

Shooting With Your Phone

In the right conditions your phone can be used to make very usable photos. I shot this with my old Blackberry Storm. If you have read this blog for very long you will know that I had a bad relationship with that phone. On a trip like this where I was sneaking in a camera and a long lens, I would use my phone for the wider angles that I wanted to take. Here it worked quite nicely.


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