Into the Blue

The Jellyfish at Shedd Aquarium

While in Chicago this past spring I had fun at the Shedd Aquarium. The jellyfish exhibit that they have there was amazing. I made a few pictures of the different types of jellyfish that they had because each one really seemed unique. To make this photo I had to wait out a few other guests of the aquarium so that I could put my glass against the glass. In the end I think that I made a picture that I was happy with. I cut off the bottom of the jellyfish so that I could really focus on the beautiful colors at the top of the creature. This was a fun shoot that I would like to do again.

Finding New Life with the Canon 5D Mark III

This camera is really a game changer. The ability to shoot in low light situations really changes things dramatically. This was shot at 4000 ISO with really no worries about noise. I didn’t have to shoot at an ultra low shutter speed or try and use flash like many of the other patrons were doing. This camera allowed me to make the photo that I wanted to make. This was one of the best purchases that I have made so far. I don’t think that the camera makes the picture, but it is another tool that allows you to make the picture that you have in mind. In good light I think that you can make a great image with almost any camera. When the light is not there though you really need some help. The Canon 5D Mark III provides the help that you need.

New Blog Link on the Sidebar

I have placed another website on the sidebar. I met Matt Thomas this past spring when we were both covering the Big Ten Track and Field Championships. I have enjoyed some of his work, and I have now added his Tumbler site to the Daily Reading list.


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