Top of the Monument

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. To some it means parties and cookouts. It is a nice day off, but it is also about the men and women who died while serving the country. It was initially called Decoration Day. In 1967 the day was renamed Memorial Day, and in 1968 moved to the final Monday in May to create the three day weekend that we enjoy today. So today you can enjoy your burgers, but as you do remember the over one million Americans who have died to make the day possible. Wars are an awful thing that should be avoided at all costs. When they happen though many who are too young to die are sent to fight. Here is to all of those who cannot enjoy the day today.

Photo of the Day

This photo was taken from the top of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument in Indy last winter. I was in town for the Supercross race, and I decided to try and go to the top of the monument as I arrived very early. The trip to the top is actually very inexpensive. I think $5 got you on the elevator to the top. From the elevator it was just a narrow staircase ride to the observation area on the very top. Both the staircase and the actual observation area were built in an era before McDonalds was popular. The area is cramped, but does offer a nice view of the city. From this angle I was able to see Banker’s Life Fieldhouse and Lucas Oil Stadium.

Technical Data

This photo was missing something. The cramped quarters and thick glass did not allow me to make the exact photo of the traffic in the circle that I wanted. I did make one that I liked very much though. I first ran the photo through Focal Point 2.1 to add the blur effect to the photo. I wanted it to look a bit like a miniature. Due to the gray nature of the cloudy day I also converted the photo to black and white inside of Lightroom 5.


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