Sunset on the Clinton Museum

Photo of the Day

Today I go back into the archives again for one of my early photos. I was shooting in full auto most of the time back then, and any exposure that was made correctly was due to the fantastic nature of the light meters in these current cameras. The good news is that back when I took this picture I did not know about Twitter or Facebook. They may not even have existed then in fact. The photo was made for my own enjoyment. I did not have the multiple cameras and lenses that I have now. I had one camera and two lenses. It was a simpler time for sure. That being said I would love to have a shot at this sunset with a tripod, my Mark III, and a wide range of my lenses now.

Technical Data

I really tried a few things to make this photo pop a bit more. I ran it through Color Efex Pro to try and get some more out of it. For some reason I didn’t like the result. I ended up just using the sliders in Lightroom on the jpeg to bring out some of the details that were missing.

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