Battle For the Sweet Sixteen

Photo of the Day

Monday night I was in Mackey Arena for one last time this season to cover the Purdue and Oklahoma State game with a trip to South Bend to face Notre Dame on the line. Notre Dame is a formidable opponent this season, but the goal of the tourney is to win one game at a time. This was a great game that you expect to see in a tournament. Oklahoma State had a large lead for most of the second half, but a furious run by Purdue made things interesting near the end of the game. In the end Oklahoma State won to move on in the tourney. I had a great time shooting the three games in the tourney, and I look forward to shooting again next season when the tourney comes around.

Exposure Page

I have really been having some fun with the Exposure website. So far I had only made up a couple of pages for roller derby. After the fact I thought about how cool it would have been to try a page for this tournament. I realized that I had enough stuff to put one up, but it is not quite the same as if I had gone into the game with the page in mind. I will have to try to put up a page for a couple of spring sports at Purdue. Here is a link to my exposure page for the first two rounds of the tournament.

Bonus Photos

This time in addition to the few photos from the game that I liked I have a couple of other options to see more from the game. Of course you can check out that exposure page that I talked about above. You can also click here to see my gallery on I also included a few photos from the game below.

Pistol Pete



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